Jessie is a mental medium and clairvoyant. Her mother was a highly sensitive person and Spiritualist, and her father was born with a veil or caul over his face and head, and was a well-known healer among family and friends.

A caul is a thin membrane that can cover a newborn’s head and face seen immediately after birth. In the psychic world, it is more often regarded as the mystic veil, the dividing point between two worlds. Through many belief systems, it is held that having been born with a veil over the face is a sign of a true mystic, having psychic abilities, good luck, or a special destiny.

Jessie’s mother informed her early on that she was also born with the caul or veil over her face. Jessie often wondered how that would affect her life journey. She grew up with a passionate desire to help others and started her greatest spiritual journey in her mid-40’s, in the fall of 1984 and eventually finding her way to become a medium.

A medium is not only a messenger for the Spirit World: they are a consultant, and a listener, giving guidance and thoughtful understanding with prayerful support. The medium stands in the middle of two worlds serving the Spirit World and the client.Their using the physical body, the heart, the mind, and their Spirituality to be a light for both.

As soon as the appointment is made, your loved ones, guides, and angels know to show up through feelings, the mind, the heart, and the energy of the spirit world. When a reading takes place by phone, use of the energy of the voice vibration and frequency connects you and the medium with spirit. Jessie usually sees the spirits and can sense, feel, or know through thought transference the communications received.

As a mental medium and clairvoyant, she specializes in Evidential Mediumship. Proof of spirit is brought in through descriptions, pictures, names, relationships, gestures, objects, clothing, personality, work and other things that can be verified by the client.

Her level of mediumship is the result of thousands of in person and phone readings, public demonstrations and her continued study of mediumship and metaphysical training's to enhance and grow what she has already achieved. Her passion and calling in life is truly guiding others through her consultations.

Jessie was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister through Fellowships of the Spirit in 1990 and has a BA in Human Resource Administration. She has completed courses for minister, mediumship, and healing through the Morris Pratt Institute, studied mediumship and psychic and spiritual development at the Journey Within and Janet Nohavec in New Jersey, the Arthur Findlay College in England and the Gordon Higginson Fellowship with Glen Edwards at the Eastborne Center in Eastborne, England.

For Numerous years, Jessie has served as a volunteer advocate for the Crisis Program and Hospice Advocacy and Bereavement Support in Chautauqua County, New York. She also volunteered over 500 hours as a phone counselor at the Crisis Center in Macomb County, Michigan. Her love furthermore involves teaching metaphysical classes, lecturing, and healing work. She has also been trained as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and Seminar Leader, and continues her studies as an Astrologer.

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Mission Statement: To Empower, To act as a Guide, To Offer Hope and Direction, And To Enlighten those who Are on a path to Self-Discovery.

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